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Summerize Your Drink

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I’ve returned! I do not have a whole post ready, but I have a little treat. I had a drink last night at District Commons that I had to share with you.

It’s called Black Velvet and it is a pairing of sorts.


The description reads: “North Coast old Rasputin imperial stout & guet sparkling wine”

I’ve always been intrigued by wine-hop combos so I took a chance.

The wine was light and a bit dry, with a lingering fruity sweetness. This drink was like a layered candle so I didn’t get to the beer until finishing the wine. The effect? It lightened the stout experience, a beer too heavy for the summer time. And I swear by stout! The stout was bitter and heavy, but felt lightened by those first sips of white.

Have you had a good “hop”tail lately?

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