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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Merry Merry!!

Hey y’all. As you can plainly see, I do not have an update! Life got in te way. But may I wish you a merry merry Christmas! See you in the new year.



Pinot Noir & Later

Hey all! I hope you had a happy holiday and didn’t suffer at the hands of your families. We are looking down the barrel of awful weather but perhaps you already experienced it. Remember to stay safe and keep off the road, especially if you try the treat below. I hope to include some Christmas candy soon, but honestly I have so much candy in my house right now to pair that I may not. I mean, Xmas candy is pretty much the same…chocolate, mint, etc. Been there, done that.

If you are my age, it is very likely you indulged in the candy I am featuring today. Additionally, you may have forgotten about it so here I come with a real blast from the past!

The Wine: Cava Pinot Noir, 2009

IMG_2535The Candy: Now & Later



The Dream:

A pinot noir cava! How exciting! I immediately picked this wine for the pairing because of how unique it sounded. Also, being a cava, it has a nice lightness and the pinot noir offers a fuller flavor. Now & Laters are extremely sweet and chewy, so I did not want anything too sugary. The cava pinot noir offered the ideal balance.

The Reality: 

The pinot noir is bubbly and the bitterness is a bit off putting initially. I think of the wine you sip at church and that distracts me. After a few sips, the flavor flattens out into a pleasant sweetness. It is difficult to get any flavor notes or distinct flavors. And you definitely can’t blow through a glass of this–it’s a lot to take in.



Let’s break this down by Now & Later flavor:


At first this pairing isn’t that impressive, but when the bubbles interact with the candy it adds a little sweetness to the pinot. The effect is not at all unpleasant, though I am not necessarily eager to keep eating.


Though this is tasty enough, it doesn’t add anything to the wine that is remarkable or worth noting.


I enjoyed this pairing a lot. The tartness of the watermelon adds a kick that lightens the sometimes bitter pinot flavor.


Not good. The combination creates an unwanted liquor flavor. Blech.

Well, there you have it! A classic candy from my kidhood which brought back found memories of gooey candy bits stuck in teeth. Hopefully, I will have another post up before the holidays!

See you later! (see what I did there?)

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Over the past several months I did a series of Moscato tastings inspired by the rise in popularity this wine has been enjoying as well as it’s growing presence on store shelves.  Like other sweet wines, this venerable varietal has been downplayed by many wine experts.  And yet, the history of this wine goes back farther than many – if not all – of the so-called “serious” wines.  I have to admit that even my initial mentors in the world of all things wine taught me that I should dislike sweet wines.

But I don’t like people telling me what I should think – or what I should drink.  Don’t get me wrong: I love a big chewy, dry red.  I really do!  Even so, I’m of the opinion that the wine varietals that are produced around the world all have a purpose, a place.  And just like fashion and…

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