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Dreaming of a White Wine (w/ Reese’s)

I’m back! It took long enough due to holidays, illness and busy work. This is why guest posts are very valuable, ahem. But finally I have a post to offer my dearly dedicated readers. As I mentioned in my last post, I planned on pairing a Chardonnay with Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. That pairing pretty much happened, although I opted for a white blend instead of a Chardonnay. Not sure that was the best decision, but here we are anyway.

The Wine: Goats Do Roam, South African.

A White Wine Blend

A White Wine Blend

The Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (a candy that needs no introduction)

Taste the Peanut

Taste the Peanut

The Dream:

I laid out my reasons for this pairing in my last post. So, let’s quote it shall we? (I realize this is lazy!):

 There is also a lot of the peanut butter filling [in Reese’s] and it is very sugary. I would like to try them with a dry chardonnay which can compliment the sweet chocolate and peanut butter.

Of course I decided to go against this advice and chose a blend. In my defense, Goats do Roam was on sale and is a decent white. Money is always tight around the holidays so I went the economical route. Not really the best choice, so now I am determined to try this pairing AGAIN.



The Reality:

I do think a white wine is how to go when pairing Reese’s with wine, so I made it halfway. The blend is pleasant and sweet with a charming tang. It ends smoothly. But to my dismay, after a bite of Reese’s the wine loses its flavor completely. In the the battle for my tastebuds, the Reese’s won. It’s sugary sweetness overpowered the white. Goats Do Roam is a lovely table wine, but a pairing wine it is not. It tasted like a very week grape juice. I’ll admit, I was rather devastated. My boyfriend and I didn’t even comment on it because what is there to say? It is my own fault because I should have gone with my instincts.


I have another pair lined up and sitting in my apartment! The wait won’t be so long this time….til then!

p.s. Check out this winery that does Halloween pairings every year…including Reese’s! I won’t read it because that’s cheating hats off to you.

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