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I love lazy Sundays. I recently discovered Parks and Rec so I am main-lining that while I enjoy the various snacks left over from a recent party. It’s just the rest I need.

Today’s post features more candy from Britain (and the next post…). It’s nice when my friends provide me candy and/or wine. It makes my posts a lot more fun knowing there are readers with a vested interest in my work.

This pairing was a HIT. Unfortunately I don’t know where you are going to buy the candy, but the internet is a cool place for that kind of thing.

Candy: Malt Easter Mini Bunnies (apparently they do different candies for different seasons)

Don't Be The Bunny

Don’t Be The Bunny


Wine: El Burro, Kickass Garnacha 2011

Ok so there's an animal theme going here

Ok so there’s an animal theme going here

The Dream:

Garnacha. I don’t remember ever drinking it, but wines from Spain are always a good choice. I read the description which mentioned hints of tobacco and cherries.

Pairing to milk chocolate is a bit tricky. I wanted something a little heavier with a lot of flavor since milk chocolate can be less dynamic. The chocolate also had a nutty filling, so I also wanted a wine that could match that nuttiness. I thought the fruit notes could pair nicely with a nutty center.

The Reality:

This went very well. The wine smells like red ripe cherries. Flavors like black pepper, cherry, and chocolate filled the mouth.

The chocolate is wonderful. It is rich and melty with a hint of hazelnut. There is a crunchy creamy center which is refreshing against the think chocolate.


When combined, the wine becomes a little less sharp and a bit less round. But I want another bite of chocolate immediately. I like the tanginess of the wine with the smooth chocolate nuttiness. Although both are very full and flavorful, each sip of wine refreshes the palette.

The Take Away: A little bit of nuttiness goes a long way paired with a nice red. I bet you can find something similar to these bunnies here in the ole USA.


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