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10 Cheap Moscatos


Over the past several months I did a series of Moscato tastings inspired by the rise in popularity this wine has been enjoying as well as it’s growing presence on store shelves.  Like other sweet wines, this venerable varietal has been downplayed by many wine experts.  And yet, the history of this wine goes back farther than many – if not all – of the so-called “serious” wines.  I have to admit that even my initial mentors in the world of all things wine taught me that I should dislike sweet wines.

But I don’t like people telling me what I should think – or what I should drink.  Don’t get me wrong: I love a big chewy, dry red.  I really do!  Even so, I’m of the opinion that the wine varietals that are produced around the world all have a purpose, a place.  And just like fashion and…

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