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Sippin’ from the Cup of Glory

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Hey Guys,

Got some good news…

That’s right! I am happy to report we have moved and are attempting to settle in. Decorations are being hung up and I even bought some wine decals. That’s right, wine decals. How could I resist? 

This pairing celebrates Germany’s win in the World Cup. Based on wine preferences alone, I was cheering for Argentina. But I must bow down to the better team and continue with our World Cup themed pairing. I am going to admit immediately that my friends Nikki and Megan provided both the wine and candy. Think of me like a weak invalid who needs a generous neighbor to give them a casserole for dinner. I won’t make any attempt to claim I had some grand vision but I hope you’ll enjoy this post nonetheless! 

The Candy: Salty Caramel Apple by Salty Road, in Brooklyn


The Wine: Riesling, Yellow Tail 


The Pair:

The riesling is clean and crisp with the slightest note of apple. There is a touch of sweetness and a slight sour twist.


The candy is very, very chewy which is too be expected from taffy. Chewy candies are very hard to pair because there is just so much matter in the mouth. The taffy has a very subtle flavor. There is a touch a cinnamon and a very mild sweetness. 


Fortunately, the slight sweetness prevents the flavor of the wine from turning. It is a pleasant back and forth. But I would have preferred a bit more punchiness from either the candy or wine. Overall I rate it a positive pairing and I encourage you to give a whirl if you can.

Congratulations again Germany. 

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