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A Peach of a Beer

Hi all,

I have a guest blog post I’ll post soon. It’s a good one! I hope you enjoy it.

Today we have a different treat. Since I won’t have wine until tomorrow I decided to try a new beer and review it.

I don’t know much about beer. I feel quite accomplished that I know what I like and what I dislike. But I keep trying new things.

Since this summer has been so hot (science even says though) I have departed from my usual porters and stouts. IPAs and pale ales are the order of the day with a white Belgian here and there. But tonight I wanted to try tonight something a bit unique.


Summer and peaches are a natural pair. So add it to a summery beer and everyone wins. It didn’t taste like I expected but I enjoyed it.


At first sip the beer is sour and acidic. But the finish has the strong peach flavor. It’s almost like the juices in the peach pie, but not overly sweet.

With each sip this beer is a little different. It always begins the same, the sour flavor, but it smooths out to the peach and ale. I appreciate that this beer has a fruit flavor but it’s not overly done. It’s not too sweet or campy.

I may just have another one tonight.

Hope you all have a great weekend! A new pairing comes soon.