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Sesame Sweet

Right now I’m waiting to get on a bus for New York. Naturally I got here ridiculously early which is ok because I can blog!

For some time now I tossed around the idea of doing a kosher themed pairing. With the high holidays in our near past, I decided now was a appropriate time. I don’t know anything about kosher food besides the basic concepts behind it, so if you know a better candy or wine please let me know. I think I found an interesting selection.

The Wine: Rasht Clarét


The Candy: Havlah chocolate, plain, marble


The Dream:
The candy looked rather unexciting to me so I wanted a flavorful wine. I enjoy clarét and this particular bottle was really cheap. Unfortunately my selection of wines was rather small. I know Havlah to be a bit dense so I hoped the clarét could flush out the debris.


The Reality:

The clarét is certainly fruity with a lingering of over ripe strawberries. The flavors are fleeting and fly off your tongue, leaving as soon as they landed. An unfortunate surprise is the strong bitterness as an aftertaste. It’s like the skin of a lemon and harsh. I hope the Havlah can help negate that taste.


The original Havlah is like tahini with a slight sweetness and subtle crunch. It’s good but does not add too much to the wine and does not stop the bitterness. The marble variety does not taste any different and the chocolate just has a cheap milk chocolate coating. Nothing too extraordinary.

I want to try this theme again because I really think it has potential. Next time I will find a specialty kosher store to get high quality goods. Until then, enjoy your weekend!