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Candy Classic Edition: Snickers

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I have not done a truly classic candy. Sure I dabbled with M&Ms, but only the special kind. We’ve nibbled on classy chocolate bars but had yet to sink our teeth into a chocolate-caramel/peanut monstrosity.

I think we all know where this is going.

Last week the DC metro area got all Wizard of Oz and blew in some major storms and a few tornado touchdowns. I got stuck in some majorly bad traffic, so I treated myself to vino. As I browsed, I realized I needed to do a pairing. It had been a bit too long. So I snatched up a Snickers. I had no plan besides the basic chocolate+red wine = noms. It all turned out well though and I can recommend this pairing with confidence.

The Wine: Oracle, Pinotage


Written in the Stars

The Candy: Snickers (frozen of course)


A Dangerous Duo

The Dream: Like I mentioned, I didn’t have one! Just a general hope that a wine I never tasted and a candy bar I eat only at Halloween would work out together.


The Reality:

The wine is dry and tart. It could use some decanting. I really need to let my reds breathe more.

I forgot how sweet Snickers are but not necessarily chocolately. There’s just so much in the middle. After the first bite, the wine is much sweeter and softer. The sweetness fades away gradually and the spicier flavors come in. It’s a great pairing overall. Neither are outstanding on their own, but together they make a pleasant enough experience.

I feel like this post wasn’t that inspired since it was such a last minute pairing. But hey, I can at least promise one sweet evening.