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Sip the Rainbow

Hello All!

I hope you are having a wonderful March with Spring-ish weather. Do you have St. Patrick’s Day plans? If candy & wine are included, maybe you should check out these two posts for great ideas! 

This post is a bit more colorful. I started with the wine, a charming shiraz (wait til you see the bottle), as the inspiration. Fun, flirty, and fruity, Shiraz can be paired with many candies. Though chocolate was tempting, I took a dive and chose the rainbow charm of Skittles. Although a candy like Skittles is a one way ticket to tummy-ache town, I figured the risk was worth the pain.

The Wine: Snake Charmer, Shiraz 2010 (Australian…the entire brand has fun labels!)


Hey….Snakey Lady! (C’mon you were expecting that)

The Candy: Skittles


The Dream:

I was not 100% confident in this pairing, but I went with that good ole gut feeling. Something about the texture and flavor of a handful of Skittles matched with a rich Shiraz appealed to me. Plus each Skittle has its own flavor, which I always find very fun when pairing…although it is labor intensive.


The Reality:

The wine is light and tart with an underlying rich flavor. There is a bouquet of strawberry. Let’s break it down by flavor.


Don’t like this combo because the lime flavor thins out the wine a bit


The taste of the cherry is rich and round. I think it goes well with the light and tart flavor of wine.


Mmm..I don’t know why I like the orange-berry flavor of this combo but I do. It tastes a bit cheap and overwhelming but dang, it is tasty.


YUCK not good very bitter


The lemon adds a little flavor, but there’s not much else to note.


Either way, yum! I definitely recommend the wine. I look forward to checking the other types. Go Australia!

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