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Sip the Rainbow

Hello All!

I hope you are having a wonderful March with Spring-ish weather. Do you have St. Patrick’s Day plans? If candy & wine are included, maybe you should check out these two posts for great ideas! 

This post is a bit more colorful. I started with the wine, a charming shiraz (wait til you see the bottle), as the inspiration. Fun, flirty, and fruity, Shiraz can be paired with many candies. Though chocolate was tempting, I took a dive and chose the rainbow charm of Skittles. Although a candy like Skittles is a one way ticket to tummy-ache town, I figured the risk was worth the pain.

The Wine: Snake Charmer, Shiraz 2010 (Australian…the entire brand has fun labels!)


Hey….Snakey Lady! (C’mon you were expecting that)

The Candy: Skittles


The Dream:

I was not 100% confident in this pairing, but I went with that good ole gut feeling. Something about the texture and flavor of a handful of Skittles matched with a rich Shiraz appealed to me. Plus each Skittle has its own flavor, which I always find very fun when pairing…although it is labor intensive.


The Reality:

The wine is light and tart with an underlying rich flavor. There is a bouquet of strawberry. Let’s break it down by flavor.


Don’t like this combo because the lime flavor thins out the wine a bit


The taste of the cherry is rich and round. I think it goes well with the light and tart flavor of wine.


Mmm..I don’t know why I like the orange-berry flavor of this combo but I do. It tastes a bit cheap and overwhelming but dang, it is tasty.


YUCK not good very bitter


The lemon adds a little flavor, but there’s not much else to note.


Either way, yum! I definitely recommend the wine. I look forward to checking the other types. Go Australia!

Charm the Tastebuds

My upcoming pairing will be with a Shiraz

What candy would you choose?


Mexicano Chocolate & Shiraz (but not the one in Iran)


I have been on a chocolate kick lately and I am sorry but it’s staying that way for awhile. You can call it whatever you want and in regards to jokes about women and chocolate, let’s just say there is no amount of wine to make them funny. And I’m realizing that chocolate is not always that easy to pair. Chocolate has so many varieties and textures. It can be coated in candy, encased between graham crackers and put on top of ice cream. And although red wine and chocolate is a safe bet, it is not always going to be a slam dunk.

I am sorry chocolate, for thinking you were so easy to understand. Can we start over?

Before I begin, I have to do a shout-out to my friend who gave me some chocolate to pair. Not only is it delicious chocolate, it is coffee chocolate.  It was super nice of her and I encourage everyone that. Anyway, I also had left over Xmas M&Ms from making my gingerbread house. This splash of Christmas cheer is a bit of a warm up for next week’s pairing.

The Candy: Dark Chocolate Mexicano-Coffee

Delicious AND circular

Delicious AND Circular

AND Xmas M&Ms!

Tastes Like Christmas

Tastes Like Christmas

The Wine: Nugan, Third Generation Shiraz, 2011

Not to be confused with Nugat

Not to be confused with Nugat

The Dream:

Mmmm shiraz. A delectable fruity wine I don’t know too much about. I always associated it with being light, but that is because the name flies off the tongue. It sounds like a dance step. At any rate, I thought the distinct fruit flavors would liven up the coffee and chocolate.I knew the Mexicano chocolate had a subtle coffee flavor, so I worried the fruity shiraz would throw off the coffee flavor. I tossed in the M&Ms at a whim, because they were simply on hand.


I know you guys can see my reflection in these photos. I can’t pretend otherwise.

Let’s see how it went.

The Reality: 

The first prominent taste in the Shiraz is the pleasant and familiar bitterness. It reminds me of the skin of an orange. The bitter flavor transitions into a bursting of rich pomegranate. It pops on your tongue.

The chocolate is flaky and dark with a slight crunch. It is rich and coats the mouth. The aftertaste is definitely coffee. After I take the sip of wine, the chocolate fairs pretty well and the bitterness decreases. It is still there, but faint instead of commanding the taste buds. The coffee flavor in the chocolate is weaker too. The pomegranate and chocolate flavors meld nicely, but it wasn’t quite the effect I wanted.

The M&Ms taste extremely sweet in comparison to the dark chocolate. The wine gets increasingly bitter with the M&Ms staying true to their very very sweet form. It is actually ok, but not amazing.

This pairing went well all things considered. The flavors were interesting and a little unpredictable. A coffee chocolate may be more suited with a port, but I could be wrong.

The Takeaway: I recommend a fruity wine with a darker chocolate, though you may not get all the initial flavors.

And as promised, my gingerbread house!