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Such A Sweet Nut

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After a rather long break, I’m back and armed with many treats acquired in Istanbul. I’m typing this on my iPhone because I’m too lazy to start my computer and transfer photos there. It would be shameful, but I choose to ignore those feelings.

Today’s pairing features some delectable pistachio chocolate paired with some Virginia Riesling. I don’t know if you can get pistachio chocolate where you live, but the Internet must have a way. If you can scrounge some up, I recommend trying this pair.

The Wine: Rockbridge White Riesling

The Candy: Dark and Milk Pistachio Chocolate

The Dream:

I imagined that the sweet Riesling would enhance nuttiness combined with chocolate. The tasty dry Riesling would aid a new nuance to the pistachio flavor while mingling pleasantly with the chocolate.

The Reality:

After biting into the dark chocolate, I was instantly disappointed by the small number of pistachios. It basically was a Riesling – Dark Chocolate pairing. I was counting on the pistachios balancing out the chocolate to the point of almost overwhelming it. Not the case.

The milk chocolate though had a great deal of pistachios. In one bite I could taste the rich, butter pistachios that were smashed close together. The Riesling then had a delight effect. The sweet wine added a lightness to the heavy and flavorful nut-chocolate combination. I think if the wine had been a bit more sweet, the take away would be even better. Overall though, I recommend it!

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