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A Little High, A Little Mal-Lo

Hello! I am bouncing back and forth between little vacations and trips so posts have been few and far between. Between work being very busy and my demanding social life (eh…marathoning Daria with my boyfriend), I’ve been a bit negligent. But here I am! I am going to Philly this weekend and I am hoping to find something fun. Philly cheesesteak…candy bar?

I bring to you a very special candy from my childhood, which I outlined in my pervious post. A mallo cup is cheap chocolate stuffed with marshmallow goo wrapped in garish, bright yellow paper. It’s a great time, please go find one, order some on Amazon, search everywhere for one. You won’t soon regeret it*.

*You might regret it

The Wine: I have no idea what that says! All the wines from WonderfulWine.Co are good but I can’t read the labels


Vaguely Christian?

The Candy: Mallo Cup, they’re gluten free!

Hello Old Friend

Hello Old Friend

The Dream:

Mallo Cups are extremely sweet so I didn’t want to overwhelm it with a sweet white. I grabbed the non-descript wine I had on my shelf from a wine deal I cashed in on sometime ago. It looked like a table red, so I played it pretty safe in this pairing. It tasted like I played it pretty safe too.


The Reality:

The wine smells a bit like yeast, which isn’t the best sign. But it is tart and smooth and the yeast is not that strong. It’s genuinely pretty nice, but not stellar.



The mallo cup is well…chocolate and gooey marshmallow. The chocolate isn’t super strong or rich, but the flecks of coconut flow well with the underwhelming red. I def stuffed my face and felt very, very sick afterwards. But that’s always a good sign over here at Uncorked Unwrapped n Co.

The Take Away: I regret not going bold. I think a spicy Malbec would be nice with the Mallo Cup. After all, a strange and gorgeous candy needs a suitable partner.


Please tell me if you have eaten a mallo cup below! Or whatever.



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