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A Holly, Jolly Pairing

A Holly, Jolly Pairing

Happy Holidays! It has been awhile since I posted….blah blah blah blah. If you are anything like me, you have attended and will attend party after party after party after…party. While these events are technically “fun”, you can add a bit more oomph to the affairs. Just bring your vat of mulled wine and a selection of holiday themed candies for your own special time.

The Wine: Big crock pot of generic red wine heated and spiced with a mulling blend. I don’t have a picture because I accidentally deleted it…so here’s another


The Candy: Sourpatches, M&Ms, Jelly Beans, Gum Drops (In Festive Dishes)




The Result:

This pairing was very slapped together so I won’t pretend it was a great plan. I just wanted to have some fun and have a post for the holidays. The mulled wine was naturally very delish so we will move on to the pairing. I didn’t take very many notes on the combinations that didn’t work so I apologize.

Gum Drops: The cinnamon gum drops are delightful with the mulled wine. The spice of the cinnamon combines nicely with the wine. The mint gum drops….not so much.

Sour Patch: Meh, nothing special. I would love to go toe-to-toe with sour patches again sometime.

Chocolate: Not good because the wine is way too strong and the chocolate is too dull.

Jelly Beans: A big no-no, I actually find it revolting. However, a friend brought a wine from Texas that had mesquite flavors. It went so well with the Jelly Beans!

I have now given you the tools to take any party to the next level! That is my gift to you.

CHALLENGE: What’s in a name?

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Don’t mean to go all Shakespeare for this post but..if the shoe fits.

I received a challenge from some friends the day before the party. Their terms were specific, which I liked. I was given the name of a candy and I had to pair it with a wine on the basis of the name.

The name? Cadbury Marvelous Creations Jelly Poppin Candy Shells

It’s quite the moniker. My friend bought it in England so I knew it would be interesting.

My vision of this candy: small, round gummies encased in some type of thin chocolate shell. I think that’s a decent guess. With this image in mind, I went with a generic white from Portugal which sounded fairly dry and not too sweet. All things considered, I think it went alright.

Photos are not stellar because the session was at a party.

The Wine
: Ciconia Vinho Verde


The Candy:


The Dream:
I thought the candy was a gummy of some sort, so I picked a dry wine to counter both the texture and sweetness of gummies. I also didn’t want anything with too strong a flavor, since gummies tend to dominate and overwhelm in that regard.


The Reality:
The wine is bubbly and dry, just as I expected. The bitterness is encouraging because I thought it would counter gummies nicely.

I was wrong about the candy, which is ok. It is actually a milk chocolate candy bar with jelly beans and…pop rocks.

The sweet chocolate dances well with the bitter dry wine. The jelly beans don’t do anything funky to the flavor since they are so encased in chocolate. The pop rocks are actually a nice addition because they buzz and fizz with the sparkling wine.

Overall, I’m pleased by the mixture of the milk chocolate and the white wine. As a blind pairing goes, I consider it a success.