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Boozin’ at Bull Run


Last weekend Sam & I used our Living Social deal to visit Winery at Bull Run in Virginia. This has been our second winery tour this year. This is also our second visit to a Virginia winery and so far we’re fans.

Winery at Bull Run

Winery at Bull Run

The winery doesn’t grow most grapes on the property, but they do grow the Norton. It is also surrounding some pretty interesting stuff if you are into Civl War history. They even have some artifacts in the tasting room, which is fun. There is also some some ruins of an old house and it has a signature of a World War I (?) soldier on the side. I should have taken notes on this signature but I was….altered.

We enjoyed the tastings! The Chardonnay had a delicious, buttery finish and we picked up another bottle of Norton, which is an unique Virginia-grown grape. Many of their whites had lovely notes of apricots.

Lovely yellow Chardonnay

Lovely yellow Chardonnay

Oh and there was some tasty hummus to have with our drinks!





AND some rad decorations


It was a lovely time and if you are in the area, head on over! I left delightfully tipsy with a handsome designated driver, what more can you ask for?

Oh! I also got some cool knick knacks to make my old wine bottles shine. That in a new post….

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