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Gummis & Licorice & Taffy Oh My!


oh em gee readers I came across the best candy store in the Indianapolis Airport. On my way back from a business trip, I stopped in and dropped over $30. Let’s just discuss this store.

-There was a table dedicated to Hello Kitty Candy


-A wall of jelly bellys

-Now and Later


-Salty Licorice


-Gummis galore like these apple rings


-A lot of throw back candy like Ring Pops

-Caramel Apple Suckers


-Haribo. So much Haribo.

-Kahlua Chocolate

And so much more. I couldn’t buy everything because I only have so many hands. A little advice store? If you had baskets I would have bought so much. When it comes to candy, I don’t know restraint.

Anyway, you have some sweet days ahead readers. And my mom is giving me fancy wine!

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Wine lover, candy aficionado, aspiring foodie

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